2003, BBC Broadcasts CD Masters and Cowan Collection:

Hubert Harry 7 CDs

«The first broadcast inspired an excellent response.»
«… a stupendous performance …»
«This is wonderful piano playing!»
« … and what a discovery he turned out to be!»
«Exquisite piano playing.»


H.H. reviews of concerts from 1953 to 1994
«A new star has appeared on the horizon of musical art ...» Het Vaderland, Amsterdam

«We do not often hear these born musicians under whose fingers everything turns to music.» Haagsche Dagblad

«Grandiose Mussorgski ... This could not have been any better. Not more fascinating, not more colourful, not more captivating, not more humorous, not more fabulous.» P.B., Het Binnenhof, Den Haag



«A brilliant pianistic talent, a sharp and very sensitive artistic understanding» Neue Zürcher Zeitung

«Between H.H and the public a communion of rare quality is created.» Guide du Concert, Paris

«A true artist, whose interpretations reflect a truly personal quality of emotion.» Tribune de Genève