Although the critics had predicted a great concert-career for the 18-year old Hubert Harry, he chose to dedicate himself to teaching instead. His enthusiasm drove him to search for a reliable technique, to discover strategies and exercises for practice, to develop varieties of touch and balance of the voices, all of which he shared with his students to help them express more of the inner life of music. Concert life did not quite become a thing of the past, and his occasional appearances in Lucerne became highlights in the musical calendar. Despite the acclamation of the critics, Hubert Harry said in an interview, that he only gave concerts now and then to prove to his students ‘that he could still do it’. 

Fortunately, these concerts are documented in live recordings produced between 1968 and 1994. 

Royss music is a label created exclusively for the New Edition of 6 individual CDs of live recordings of Hubert Harry from 1968 to 1988, until now only available in a box of six under the Label ARMIDA. This royss series includes recordings from 1970 and 1976, new as CD 7.

In November 2004 a CD with Rachmaninoff’s First Piano Concerto, a Scarlatti Sonata, and piano pieces by Rachmaninoff and Scriabin was launched.
The Rachmaninoff Concerto is a live-recording of a Concert at the Lucerne Festival of 19th August 1978, with the Swiss Festival Orchestra under Ulrich Meyer-Schoellkopf. This concert had been recorded and broadcast directly by swiss radio SR DRS, and remained in their archives for 26 years. It has now been released under the royss music label as CD H 190-08.

Siegfried Droews, Lucerne, recorded many of Hubert Harry’s public appearances from 1968 until 1994, and produced the live-recordings on LPs and CDs under the label Armida.

Since 2010, all Hubert Harry recordings still sold under the label ARMIDA, were integrated into the royss music discography, and are available from this website.

You will find information about the CDs under royss music or ARMIDA.