The English pianist Hubert Harry lived and taught in Lucerne, Switzerland, from 1946 until his death in June 2010. Most of his concerts were recorded and have been issued on CD. A must for the collector of classical piano music! In 2013 the biography "Hubert Harry – Pianist" was published.


To commemorate the 10th year of his passing, royss music issued in October 2020 this unique bootleg-recording of Hubert Harry's Recital of November 14th 1963 in the Kunsthaus Luzern: Without informing his teacher, one of Hubert Harry's students sat in the back of the hall with a portable recorder. The result on the tape is a mixture of piano sound and the resonance of the hall.
In spite of the unusual accoustics, the recording captures the atmosphere of the full concert-hall without losing the clarity of the inspired and technically brilliant interpretations produced with the unmistakeable Hubert Harry piano-sound.

May it bring joy to many listeners!

Book Launch 8. June 2013: 
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